Le dit de l’image #509

Le dit de l’image,
comme une éphéméride du sensible,
une ou des images choisies ou créées
qui appellent des mots, ou l’inverse..

Mes Collages, fragments d’elles, sur le site de l’Œil de la Photographie 💛 !

Fragments of them / images, dreamy women and silent animal presences…

A Collection of images, which associate without hierarchy paintings and photographs of artists of all periods, is the source of my work of collages. This digital collection is as much a palette of shapes and colored shades as a support allowing thought to bounce back through associations of ideas and images.
I am part of a current of iconographic artists whose colors are the images of other artists.
The representation of women is my subject. I seek to take a different look at the iconography of women as subject and object of art and to offer another reading of inherited models.
I question the meeting point between different realities, in particular the animal reality, because the presence of an animal is a graceful emergence of difference, of someone who is obviously other (1).
My ambition is, that by leaving the original painting to enter another aesthetic field, “my” women are seen differently, that they acquire a life of their own or perhaps find it again (in the sense of finding their freedom), that ‘they go on a journey and free the viewer’s imagination as one opens a window on another world and they become the heroines of a story to be written.

(1)Jean-Christophe Bailly, Le Versant animal, Bayard

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